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What’s School Choice?

Every public school in Alaska receives from State government an amount of money each year—a “dividend”—for every student that attends the school. The dividend is also sometimes called a voucher. The amount may be more or less depending on where the school is located, or how much federal or local funding is added to it, but regardless of how much it ultimately becomes, it all starts with a dividend check from the state.

Each child is assigned to a school based on his or her zip code. When it comes to getting money from the state, it doesn’t matter if the school is failing its kids. It will always continue receive the dividends of the students that attend. If you happen to live in a zip code that has a failing school, there’s nothing that you can do to change it.

If Alaska had school choice, the dividend check from the state would be given to the parent, and the parent would be able to use it to go to whatever school they choose. They may choose another public school in a different zip code, a private school, a private tutor, an online school, or if they are eligible, they could use it to take college courses.

This would inspire schools to do better and be more effective in educating kids. It would allow parents to choose a school that best fits the needs of their children. Every child is different, and a parent is in the best position to know what the kid needs to be motivated, excel, learn and prepare for a job, for a career, or for life.

If you lived in Anchorage and Alaska had school choice, your dividend check from the state would be more than $5,000. You could use this dividend to pay for tuition at any school you choose.